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Providing market insights and unparalleled client
service, so that you get better results.

<b>Unprecedented Clarity</b>
Unprecedented Clarity

Data informs our strategy and provides us with the insight to make informed decisions.

<b>Optimised Everything</b>
Optimised Everything

I use advanced analytical tools to help you answer real estate's toughest questions.


Complete transparency on the performance & progress of your property campaign.


In real estate experience is everything - it builds trust and it delivers results.

Data | Technology | Experience


When selecting an agent, the difference between employing a good agent versus a great agent can be about 5%-10% on the sale price.

I leverage data to inform our Strategy and provide you with insight that will help us make informed decisions together.

Attracting the right buyers.


Buyer Analysis.

Working together, we can tailor a selling strategy from a myriad of marketing choices that attracts more buyers to compete for your property.

Methods Of Sale



A real estate auction is a public sale of a property where prospective buyers gather to publicly bid on a property.  By grouping all interested buyers together at one time it can also have the effect of creating a competitive environment to help ensure the highest possible price is achieved.

Tender (E.O.I.)

Buyers are invited to submit their best offers by a particular date and time.  After the closing date, the seller and their real estate agent will review the submitted tenders and accept, reject or negotiate with buyers to achieve an outcome both the buyer and seller is happy with.

Private Treaty

A Private Treaty occurs when a property is listed for sale with an asking price. Interested buyers make an offer to the agent, who in-turn present the offer to the seller.  The agent will negotiate individually with prospective buyers to achieve a sale as close to the seller’s price as possible.

Pricing Research


We provide all sellers with accurate and up-to-date property research to help understand their property’s price potential.

Combined with the right choice of selling option and optimising the time on market, it’s a sound base for confidently formulating your price plan.

Pricing ii

Timing Consideration


It starts with sharing valuable insights into the local market to help you make informed decisions.

Get more from your advertising budget.


We’ll work with you to create a strategy for reaching prospects in your marketplace with the right mix of search and social marketing — but also with how best to position yourself with creative photography and video content.

Customised targeting delivers property advertising to meaningful audiences and sophisticated yet simple metrics allow us to seamlessly track your marketing spend and its performance.


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I am a results-driven, tech-savvy real estate advisor with expert negotiation and communication skills. My passion is to serve a new generation of homebuyers and sellers by combining technology, teamwork, and personalised service to create a better real estate experience.