About Me - Justin Dixon

About Me

Justin Dixon

Hold on! I’ll try not to make this just another bio.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a keen interest in architecture, culture, and design.  This has helped form the lens through which I see the world.  Stay with me here.  My interests can be seen in pretty much every hobby I’ve ever had, from restoring antique furniture to my rather large sneaker collection (Don’t ask).  More to the point, they contribute to almost every aspect of my work in real estate.  

It is often said that travel is the greatest education, and I couldn’t agree more.  I have been fortunate enough to practice in international property markets for over two decades now.  During that time I have witnessed the changing ways people use space, how architecture evolves to cater to those changes, and how communities are transformed as a result. 

Why does any of that matter?  Because it informs the way I market your property. I’m not talking sign on the lawn, take a few pics, and cross your fingers marketing either.  I’m talking about an approach that is as sophisticated as the properties I represent.  It’s thoughtfully researched, individually tailored, and carefully crafted.

As a marketing specialist, all my work for you is data-driven and begins with extensive research and analysis of the market.  It’s definitely not based on hunches, or something a friend of a friend read on Facebook.  I’ll make sure that every hard-earned dollar you invest in marketing has a clearly defined purpose.  Behind the scenes I have curated a team of graphic designers, analysts, tech specialists and media wizards to help build strategically driven marketing solutions.

Why?  Because the Spray n’ Pray approach to marketing involves, well, a lot of praying. (And I’m not that religious).

As a creative team, we leverage relationships between traditional and new media outlets, as well as the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, to ensure maximum exposure.  Let’s just say there is a little art, and a little science behind my process.

I know your time is valuable, so our communication will be simplified and streamlined.  You’ll have access to you own personal property hub – one place for all our collaboration.  Here, you’ll be able to review contracts, see buyer feedback, approve changes, and view live analytics from your marketing campaign.  

It allows us to track our success and optimise the property campaign in real-time, together.  Basically, you will always have access to information when you need it, not when it suits your agent.

With new tools such as augmented reality and beacon technology, we can improve the buyer experience by making it more informative, less intimidating and quite simply more fun.  Providing buyers with relevant, in depth information helps remove barriers and empowers them to act.  And all this means more value for you.

Everything I do today is evidence based.  My process has been crafted through years of feedback from clients and developed further through my studies.  You definitely won’t get any old school sales schtick, which, let’s be honest, should have stayed back in the ‘80s anyway.  I have always taken a human centric approach to real estate, it is about connection after all.  

Career Highlights

Proud Sponsor of Clean Up Australia



Effective placement in the market and the strategy that involves a well executed property campaign.

Global Network

I have direct access to an international referral network as well as an international list of investors.

Smarter Data

Allows us to deliver your property advertising to meaningful audiences and track the marketing spend more effectively.

In depth analytics

We invest the time to conduct in depth research to inform us of everything from when to come to market to which marketing initiatives are most impactful.

Highly targeted marketing

We will target the right audience across the most effective channels.

Effective negotiation

In addition to practical skills gained through experience, I have a background in the theory behind negotiation and an in-depth understanding of the psychological tools and traps that can arise.

Real-Time Updates

Our vendor reports are delivered the moment the home open ends.

Personalised Service

From our marketing solutions to how to best communicate with you, it’s all tailored to your preferences.

25 Years in Real Estate
2000 + Properties Sold
9 Years as broker of record
3 Continents served as a real estate advisor

I am a results-driven, tech-savvy real estate advisor with expert negotiation and communication skills. My passion is to serve a new generation of homebuyers and sellers by combining technology, teamwork, and personalised service to create a better real estate experience.